Riding in Cars with Researchers: Placebos

? It is unethical move by the physicians and is considered an action of carelessness when they treat their patients with a medication they don’t know about.


Placeboes are the fake pills as inactive drugs that are used in clinical trials.

There are two ways placebo is used in research trial as given:

1.     The standards in research trials are double-blind where the patient and the researcher don’t know what they are using to randomize their patient and they treat them all the same which do not influence the data. Placebo is used to avoid any biasness.

Placebo is used only to maintain blind as when the patient is randomized, he is given a placebo along with an active antibiotic. Single placebo is not given to the patient.

2.     Placeboes are used when there is no comparator. When a cure is discovered to a disease, it has no comparison when there is no treatment introduced yet to that disease. In those situations Placeboes is used.


We use placebo when the standard of care is not to treat. When the patients do not require any therapy to recover and is not exposed to any antibiotic to avoid any side-effect.


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