Riding in Cars with Researchers - Quality, a Balanced Scorecard

Focusing too heavily on one metric can be done at the expense of others as in research sites, focusing too heavily on patient enrollment for finding patients for the trials according to the criteria of the research study can be done at the expense of quality of data that is not in the favor of industry.

A balanced scorecard is where physicians pay attention to an assortment of metrics and doing well on its entire requirement is the best way to serve the industry.


In pharmaceutical research industry there is a term as EQTCS that stands for enrollment, quality, timelines and customer services. Achievement for great patient enrollment in trials, quality of the data that is under production, adherence to the desired timeline with great level of customer service to the patients, physicians and industry, is the best way to serve the industry with the best of abilities in positive manners.


The expectations for the quality of data coming out of the sites are good in this developed and advanced age but this should be exceptional at the highest levels of accuracy and efficiencies possible. For these very purposes, sites and industries should work and struggle for the quality of their data come out of the research sites.

High quality data is difficult:

Production of the high quality data is difficult while paying attention to the rest of balanced scorecards. It requires additional team members adding to headcount to pay roll, addition of technology solutions, robust policies and procedures, more mature site with strong infrastructure. These all the additions can be expensive due to which most of the sites lack these qualities because of its cost and expense. But these things should not be tolerated.


It should be believed in balanced scorecard, achieving all the metrics to high level of sophistication, hitting all the KPIs to the exceptional level.

In order to accelerate the innovation in healthcare industry, EQTCS should be followed efficiently in order to serve patients better, quicker patient enrollment, production of higher quality data and maximizing the likelihood of perusing phenomenal results to be reviewed by regulatory bodies.


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