Riding in Cars with Researchers - Quality of Data

Young doctor, medical students and residents are taught in normal healthcare to treat the patient instead of data points. They are given the instructions that it’s the constellation of data points that mean far more than the individual data point.

Constellation is meaningful:

ST segment elevation in one lead of a twelve EKGs means nothing but the ST segment elevation in three contiguous leads of a twelve EKGs is meaningful for the damage in specific areas of heart that is the matter of consideration. The constellation of symptoms and signs means far more than any individual signs and symptoms.

Sometimes there are situations when all the test and medical status of the patients are going normal but suddenly a lab result comes with an abnormal status. This needs to repeat the lab again to ensure whether the abnormality is real or because of any error. This can also help to know if the abnormality is further increasing.


Researchers should treat the patient depending upon his symptoms despite of just the data. This will result in improvements as high quality data in research trials and better quality of truthful and accurate adverse event profiles.

The data points in research should be treated in the same way as in normal healthcare.


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