Riding in Cars with Researchers - Site Differentiation

As the clinical research is getting harder and there are many organizations as research sites, who run research studies for the sponsor organizations. These research sites have commoditized themselves because all the sponsors organizations and CROs despite of all of their intelligence, they struggle to find best research suites for their studies but are unable to find any point where one site is better and different from each other. They cannot predict the performance of sites even for the one site that performs good enrollment but fine research for the first research but was unable to perform good enrollment for the second time research study.

Inhibits site’s abilities:-

These things make the sites to be treated like commodities that create pricing pressure where the low-cost providers dominate but they have to for the appropriate contract in budget terms. This inhibits the site’s ability to invest in its infrastructure, quality management system and process improvements which can serve the industry better.


Sites should make improvements in their infrastructure in order to show the industry that they are not the commodity by investing in QMS, process improvements, for best team members and in advanced technology. This will make the sponsor organizations to pay them well as the sites are providing better quality services.


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