Riding in Cars with Researchers: The Ripple Effect

Research is implicated to the various fields of medications and for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Therapies in past:

Hepatitis C is considered to be one of the most devastating disease but scientists has developed a cure for hepatitis C. In the past most of people die with hepatitis C in their bodies because there was no cure yet introduced. There was a rough therapy to cure the patients from hepatitis C and for this purpose they used to inject patients with pegylated interferon and ribavirin. This treatment last for almost half a year and develop various side-effects as low white blood cells, low platelets, depressions, suicidality and risk of developing many other infections. At the end of the treatment, there was no cure and patient still have hepatitis C in their body.

Present therapies:

In the present time, scientists have developed therapies for the cure of hepatitis C after tons of researches. These therapies are very easy and fully oral where there is no need of injections. There are no side effects for low white blood cells, low platelets, they don’t get suicidal, no depression. Most importantly, after getting treatment from this therapy for twelve weeks, there are 95percent chances of success and only five percent chances of patients being left with hepatitis C.

Can’t donate:

Physicians published a research mentioning that hepatitis patients cannot donate their organs because hepatitis C was an incurable disease.

Successful treatment:

At present time, physicians run a research trial where they took patients in need of lung transplant who were going to die because of their lung disease as the lung filled with scar tissue named as IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis).

They took the patients with life-threatening lung diseases and transplanted hepatitis positive lungs but before transplantation, they bathed the lung with antiviral solutions. Put the patients on new hepatitis C therapies and as a result of all this process there was no hepatitis C in their bodies.

 •   Years of research in the past is helping for the cure of hepatitis C and is very successful in changing the lives of the people suffering from this devastating disease and is also helping in transplantation of organs.



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