Riding in Cars with Researchers: Virtual Trials

Healthcare industries are working for revolutionizing the research that is all about improving the processes for conducting research. The reason and goals for these struggles is to benefit the patients, physicians and enhancing the ways to help the deserving patients and innovate faster in the field of healthcare.

Clinical research is getting harder as with the passage of time and with new innovations, there are more procedures that are lengthier, more office visits and the patients are called for the proper examination by the physician at a specific site or facility.

For the further enhancement and betterment in the field of conducting research trials from the patients, new innovative ways have been introduced and one of them is described as below:

Virtual clinical trials:

Virtual clinical trial is to send the research to the patient without asking him to visit the research site. In virtual clinical trials are performed by the process at given below:

  1. Enrolling the patient in clinical trials.
  2. Performing blood checkups at their home.
  3. Checking the vital signs.
  4. Shipping tablets to their home.
  5. Drug accountability at their home.
  6. Virtually enabled physical exam.
  7. Collecting data remotely.

For further improvements in the field of healthcare there are healthcare communication companies who write content for the certain diseases and patients learn from these instructions about their health conditions and engage with other people with same disease.

  • These companies have millions of patients who read content related to the diseases daily from their websites and are engaged with their healthcare. These people further spread these instructions to people who are suffering from such disease and they love to participate in research trials processes because they are readily engaged with the process.  

Enrolling patient around the globe:

Most of the patients of the companies are unable to participate in clinical trials because of their location. These patients can be enrolled in trial processes through virtual clinical trials. This process includes:

  • Identifying the patients the patients from their electronic healthcare records with their consent.
  • Ship the tablet that is enabled for research trial to patients at their home.
  • Performing the consent on video where both the patients and physicians are interacting virtually with each other.
  • All the details and protocols can be discussed properly.

It’s convenient:

Virtual clinical trials make it convenient for the patient to participate in trial and for the company to find patient from all over the world. Physicians can stay in constant contact with their patients according to their consent and can collect better quality data.



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