Riding in Cars with Researchers - Virtual Trials, Part 2

What trials look like today?

The patients go to their doctors for their medical checkups and this is not done virtually by web-based portal for most of the time but this virtual mediation is becoming a trend in healthcare industry that is named as telemedicine. This procedure of medication is gaining more traction and in research it’s called virtual clinical trials. This is a web-based platform.

Virtual trial:

In virtual trials, researchers and patients are able to see and interact with each other through web-based platforms as Skype where they can discuss the patient’s informed consent documents for research trials. Doctors can review the patient’s medical history, medical records and can answer to the queries of the patient about the details of the trials.

This is helpful in proceeding with the study visits. Researcher can interview their patients and can send a nurse to patient’s home for the physical exams, drawing blood and help with EKGs.

Ø In the recent world, EKGS can be performed through the electronic Bluetooth devices where the patients only needs to put their fingers on the sensors of the device and the physician can see the data and results by sitting in his own office at other device. This denies the traveling efforts and things can be done at the comforts of home.

Hybrid trials:

These types of trials are the combination of both traditional and virtual trials where some of the trials are done virtually and some requires the patients to go to their physician.

Industry is moving toward the virtual ways because of the two main reasons as follows:-

1.     It’s hard to find patients who meet criteria of the study trials because scientists and healthcare industry is running research studies in the very specific areas of healthcare that requires targeting patients with specific genetic profile and such patients with such disorders are very rare and difficult to find. Virtual means to find patients for the trials makes it easier to reach the target audience.

2.     Most of the patient denies participating because of the amount of time required for the study. Virtual clinical research trials offer them to stay wherever they are stay connected to their physicians.

Virtual clinical trial can make huge improvement in clinical and healthcare industry.


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