Riding in Cars with Researchers - What is eSource

All the industries have their own ways of collecting, gathering and writing their important information and data that can be on paper as well as on any electronic source.

In healthcare industry, they have their source documentation on paper in order to write down the data coming from the clinical research trials. This source of paper documentation gives rise to many mistakes and issue.

Mistakes using paper documentation:

It’s very easy to make mistakes on paper as its very inefficient way of documentation where there are more chances more chances of losing paper, it can be burnt and inaccurate measurements can be written, wrong order of work and there is nothing that the paper can help to prevent these mistakes and negligence.

Ø Instead of paper documentation, industries should use electronic source for documentation that not just means to save the data electronically through some basic computer softwares and Microsoft word. Electronic source is also known as e-source.


E-source provides the ability to capture the data and information into the system that help improve quality. These quality improvements in e-source can be made by setting parameter such as setting parameter for blood pressure of a patient in between 90 and 140 and getting a notification as a warning when the data goes outside the parameters. This helps to get an alert if there are any mistakes being made while experiment that remind the physician to prevent and remove the errors and adverse events.

Ø E-source provides the ability to collect high quality data for the research trials that is beneficial to improve efficiencies of the industry.

Once the data is stored in the electronic source, it provides a platform to network with next computer system that is called EDC (electronic data capture). These documentations are also known as trial master files for the sponsor organizations. This can move to other systems without any record error and its gives access to all the staff of the research to see the data without any delay of time.

Main purpose:

The main purposes of e-sourcing are as follows:

1.     Reduce errors.

2.     Improve quality of data.

3.     Improve the efficiencies of the research trial processes.

Every site should implement these robust e-source systems to improve their quality.


Sponsors are the actual beneficiaries because it helps to give them the best data for their studies. They are able to see the data more rapidly and reduce their cost for monitoring data.


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