Riding in Cars with Researchers - What Research Really Is

Research is actually a process of making a difference in patient’s life.

There are publications by NCRI (national cancer research institute) defining the study trials of years on a cancer disease. This publications shows that the patients with the low risk of thyroid cancer have the same outcomes when receiving low dose radiation therapies following surgery as patients receiving high dose radiation therapies.

Research shows that the patients with low risk thyroid cancer have no need of high dose radiations and low dose radiations will be a lot better.

These treatment therapies can have their own side-effects that can reduce the quality of life of the patients.

Research is about the insights and discoveries that help with realizing that the low risk cancer patients being over treated with radiations that is unnecessarily reducing patient’ quality of life. Research defines that there is a need to treat patients differently in order to better their quality of life.


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