Riding in Cars with Researchers - What Success Looks Like

Before the introduction of healthcare and medications when there were no antibiotics in the market, most of the women die during childbirth, young children suffer from abnormality in their childhood due to minor diseases.

Incurable past:

In the present days, researchers have made it possible to diagnose and treat many harmful disease that were impossible to even recognized in past. Many breakthrough therapies are introduced as in dermatology, neurology, nephrology and in certain areas of diseases. There are further advancements in therapies as oncology that is further named as immune oncology because of our ability to enhance our own immune system against cancer cells.

Further improvements:

In healthcare industries, only one out of ten medications gets the approvals after entering the human clinical research process that is absolutely appropriate. These approval ratios are small but researchers are improving these ratios as they develop com-pounds more smartly. Thousands of trials are under process and many medications have been introduced in the market. Physicians, researchers and medical scientists have made these possibilities by investing years.


The breakthrough therapies are dramatic improvements as an antibiotic. Cancer, HIV and strokes are curable and people with such disease can live quality life with the help of modern therapies. Healthcare has made it possible to cure eczema, migraine headache and various other severe disease enabling people to live their lives at their fullest with their families and their loved ones.

These are the successes of the healthcare and medications.


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