Riding in Cars with Researchers: Working in Research

People who are willing to start their career in healthcare industry after completing their graduation in health sciences but they do not have any experience about the industry and don’t know their goals and future fields they want to pursue professionally. They apply for healthcare industry where they go through an interview and then get selected after a month.

In the first week of their job at healthcare industry, they came to know about their responsibilities they are going to perform further in the industry.

Stay in research:

People stay in the research industry because they find it interesting and they came to know many new ideas regarding to the research work, drugs reaching out to the market and its purpose. These are the experiences and knowledge that are not taught in schools and colleges. Every day at healthcare industry, people learn new ideas and deal with new situations.

When working at the coordinator level, employees perform their duties as nurses where they deal with supervising the patients and colleting the data and managing data.

Research is unique:

There are many things in research work that make it different, interesting and unique from other jobs. In research, researchers interact with patients daily, weekly and monthly depending upon the examination they are going through and spend hours with them that develop a strong bong with the patient. The patients feel comfortable in these situations and love to operate under the supervision of those researchers.


Challenges in research:

Research trials processes can be difficult especially the most difficult task for the research is to find relevant patients for the study trial and then making them stay until the study is complete. When the patients left in-between the study, researchers have to find a new patient and begin from the start that is the most frustrating situation.

Go for it:

People who are looking for their career in research industry should go for it because this is well-rounded field where you learn about management and data analysis and most important part of research is that researchers invest their time for the betterment in the quality of lives of the people.


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