Risk Factors and Mitigation Strategies When It Comes to Alzheimer's disease: Alzheimer's Talk Ep.1

Alzheimer’s is the mental disorder in which a person loses his memory. The most common factor for developing Alzheimer’s is the age factor and risk for developing Alzheimer’s increases as age increases. Genetics can be another factor for developing Alzheimer’s.

It is distinguished into 4 stages at APOE1, APOE2, APOE3 and APOE4. Person containing APOE4 in his genes is more likely to develop Alzheimer’s and more the APOE4 greater will be the risk.

There is no treatment yet discovered for Alzheimer’s but adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a cure. Risk factors are greater for the people who smoke and are overweight.

Can Alzheimer’s be prevented?

Researchers are working on trials and are trying to discover new treatments for the prevention and curing of Alzheimer’s but are not successful yet. So, taking precautions is the best option to lessen the risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s.

Keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy and making new memories, contacts, thoughts and staying active can slow down Alzheimer’s.

  •    Researchers are trying to slow down the creation of beta amyloid plaques in prevention trials in the early clinical symptoms and thee         symptoms can be seen before fifteen years of disease. In these trials, researchers are trying to block these plaques before the attack of this disease.



Collection of plaques and tangles are seen through imaging studies of the disease and different theories are given as the cause of Alzheimer’s. Theories are given as this disease is due to protein deposition and the body is not recycling its tissues, calorie restrictions and it can be cured by increasing autophagy.


Autophagy is the recycling of the body tissues that are of no use anymore and there are cells that take place of those non required tissues and discharge those old tissues. Body will work more efficiently as autophagy is efficient.

There should be awareness regarding to Alzheimer’s disease that it can be controlled especially for the caregivers of these patients who have the highest burden of caring their loved ones suffering from this disease.



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