Secrecy around Certain Clinical Research Positions

Companies announce the position they have and they also post these positions on their websites where these can be easily found but they do not post entry level positions. Entry level positions are necessary for people who are new to the industry which can help them to learn about clinical trials and other responsibilities as entry level positions helps to build strong foundation.

Companies do not mention in-house CRA positions in the form they provide and no instruction for CRA training programs, only the ways to apply for these positions are mentioned. They only post higher positions as senior CRA which discourages the people to apply for entry level CRA positions that are not given. This is because of high demand for CRA that is further increasing.

Companies keep the information hidden for how to become a CRA and about in-house CRAs. They do not give proper path to these positions by giving entry level jobs opportunities as people cannot get to their desired position. This secrecy of positions is increasing the turnover rate. People do not have any guidance to pursue their goals as they can only get that senior position when they have any experience that they can never gain without any entry level job.

When announcing application forms for the available positions, entry level positions should also be mentioned that will allow new people to enter in industry and can get to higher positions.

Providing clear pathways can improve company in many ways as it will build loyalty with its employees and turnover rate will decrease and hiring more people will be an easy task.


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