Shift to Remote Monitoring

IC HDCP are two revisions that recently came out and more in-house CRAs are going to appear. With these revisions, they paved the way for more remote monitoring CRAs. CRAs are sent to sites for remote monitoring as they remain in contact with CMAs. People get satisfaction from this job or remote monitoring and it also gives them better quality of life. People also find it cheaper but they should know that you get what you pay for.

People also get exhausted because this job requires a lot of traveling. If remote monitoring CRAs are allowed to travel less and stay a bit more at home, they will have more longevity in that job. When CRAs are travelling less, their duty is to visit and monitor more sites. Remote monitoring CRAs will have more importance based on their effectiveness as they remain in constant contact with CMAs for the site information. Jury can understand that results cannot be same for in person meeting or over phone call or WebEx.


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