Should I Get A Masters In Clinical Research

Best way to get clinical research experience is to become a sub investigator that is easy for the people having a medical degree. In order become a researcher as principle investigator (PI), having research experience as sub investigator is very beneficial that can help to apply for any available PI position. Sponsors also love to work with experienced people because they are investing millions of dollars and paying huge salaries to them.


Obtaining a residency in a location with many CROs where they have a lot of research studies running at their sites is magnificent. There will be a lot of opportunities and high chances of getting a research job and people can get research experiences by working on multiple research studies and gaining all that experience. After having prior research experience, they can apply for research studies as principle investigator because they are capable for understanding I-CH-GCP, research processes and PI oversight duties and sponsor will select them to work on their research studies.


CRO industry is all about experience and CROs do not care about the degrees and certifications. Recruiters and sponsors prefer people having experience of clinical industry. Having a medical degree is enough to get started in CRO space but doing further a masters in clinical research is only the waste of time and money. Investing that time to get experience and practicing researches as sub investigator worth a lot because there is a huge difference in reading books and in practicing them.


Certifications like CCRP, CRP and CCR are well respected in CRO industry and these are cost effective. These certifications should also be applied when working in a CRO because CROs sponsor certifications to their employees because they want their employees to be more capable, knowledgeable and efficient in their work.


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