Should I Make A Lateral Move? - Clinical Research Industry

Lateral move to move around the company to its various departments in order to gain experience of all different fields without jumping toward higher positions.

Reason behind lateral move:

There are reasons why people make lateral moves as when they are unable to get more promotions and they are not happy with their current position in a department with their colleagues. They move to another department with a short term decision where they can also make more money but lateral moves are especially for the long term where people are ambitious to gain more and more experiences of different fields that help them to get more career opportunities in future and to pursue their future career goals.

Lateral move in CRO:

While working in a CRO industry people do make lateral moves that can be short term to make money and long term to take experience but when moving to an available position, it requires an approval from the manager and applying without manager’s approval can be a downside. People get more experience until a new position immerges and they became more suitable candidate for that position. With more experience, making lateral moves is helpful to achieve future goals. Employee in a clinical operation side can move to management side in order to make more money but he has to start from assistant role that is a long term goal.

Keep in account:

While making lateral move people should take in account their goals whether they can achieve their goals in a short term either it will take long term to reach their goal.


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