Should I Quit My Job To Pursue Clinical Research?

Having a medical degree and wants to utilize it to get into the clinical industry and you has been working in a lab or as a scientist then you can use it but starting in clinical industry does not require any degree. Clinical industry demands experience. Despite of this you can apply for the entry level positions where you can do meeting minutes, accounts and research works being a study coordinator. There are many other exceptional opportunities where you can make money even at entry-level positions. You can have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars by having just two years of experience which is not possible in other industries and this clinical industry provides great flexibility and benefits.

When you are a CRA, there is no pressure to attend meetings and you can travel, interact with project investigators and can get easy access to any documents at site and one of the best things is that company will pay for every single expense. Project manager is another option where you can also work hard and make a lot of money and if you want to examine every study and patients closely then study coordinators have the best opportunities to do that.


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