Should You Become Friends With Your Coworkers?

CRO space has become a global industry and people belonging to any gender, color, country and religion can find an opportunity in this industry. People work as team on projects and they become friends with their co-worker as they spend time together whether it’s related to work.

Entry level vs high level positions:-

At entry level position, employees spend most of their times at office with their colleagues and co-workers and establish a good bond with them. As they go up the ladder, they start working from office, remotely and spending time on roads outside the office. This prevents them from spending time with their co-workers.

Become friends:-

People should become friends with their co-worker because it helps with business in the company as it allows them to perform better. They enjoy coming to work and have happy vibes.

Companies encourage friendship:-

Companies also encourage people to work with their friends that make it difficult to leave the company. They also arrange such activities to build relationship between colleagues such as encouraging employees to go out for lunch, business parties and farewell parties. This ultimately benefits the company as their employees stay longer, regular and perform better.


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