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In the present cultures of the organizational systems, employees are given vacations at the end of the year which can be for a week and rarely for a month. These vacations are paid as paid time off (PTO) where they can travel anywhere around the world for a limited period of time.

It’s possible to work on vacation:-

Employees achieve their PTOs by working hard for whole year and by achieving their goals. When their vacations are scheduled and everything is settled down as flight and hotel booking. At this point, it’s possible for the employees to take some work with them on vacations to show their boss as they are always available for the company and ready for the next promotion. For this purpose, they should ensure their Wi-Fi with them.

Not fruitful:-

To work on vacations cause no variations in someone’s reputation, promotion, benefits and other perks at any cost. It’s not going to make any difference neither can create a situation for someone to get fired from the job. Coworker can think of them as hard working employees but it’s going to bring nothing to them except for wasting their vacations.

Ø These are the few logics of taking work on vacations which defines that people should not take work with them on vacations.  Taking work completely destroys the work-life balance and brings no reward.

Don’t take work:-

There are few reasons which completely elaborate that people should not take office work with them on vacations. These are given as below:-

1.   Not doing either well:-

People should not take work with them on vacations. They should keep their work completely separate from their personal life and from vacations in order to establish work-life balance. They should work hard while at work and should make good memories and awesome vibes on vacations to get rid of all the stress. Both things as work and vacations cannot be done at one time. They cannot focus on either of them that end up submitting inappropriate work and useless vacations. Distraction of work will not let them enjoy their vacations and vice versa.

2.   Sets bad example:-

Taking work on vacations will set a bad example especially when it’s the manager who is doing work on his vacations. He is setting bad example for the employees who work under his supervision. Vacations are for taking all the stress out and coming back to work with a new spirit. People should set example for enjoying the vacations to their fullest leaving behind the ghost of work.

3.   Wrong expectations:-

Choice of working on vacations can enable people to develop a behavior of expectation toward that individual that he will perform work on other vacations too. The first working vacation can have a motto to set a hard working impression on people at workplace. They will expect him to respond emails, call into meetings and answer Skype meetings while he’s on vacation.

There are also some organizations that have it in their policies for their employees to work while taking vacations. Here are some tips regarding to such workplaces as follow:-

·        People should avoid working with such organizations.

Going on vacations to a place where there is no access to Wi-Fi that will allow employee to give an excuse for not working. Camping is the best way to avoid everything relevant to workplace.


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