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Healthy habits develop early and for that, it is important that kids are taught the importance of exercise and stretching from their early days. Getting their young, flexible and energetic bodies used to regular exercise sets up a pace for the future. Kids copy what they see and therefore, it is the responsibility of a guardian to show them the right ways to live a life. Setting up a healthy example at home by doing following a workout routine yourself can inspire the young minds to take care of their own selves too. Prioritizing healthy exercises is getting more vital for today’s generation. Due to the excessive use of electronic gadgets, which is turning into an addiction, children have restrained their physical activities along with their parents. A healthy family is a fit family and even though it sounds like a tough task to put down your phone and pick up a dumbbell, it is the right step towards a healthier life.

Three basic elements

Starting with heavy exercises can be strenuous for their delicate muscles so it is vital to understand as to when a line should be drawn. Day to day games like crossing the monkey bars, ‘run away’, and catch the ball can ensure strength, endurance, and flexibility respectively. Regular tasks should be assigned to kids to make them practice these elements on a daily basis.

Strength: it tones and empowers the muscles of the body. Their ability to do better is made possible by putting them under bearable pressure. With the right age, kids can do push-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises to strengthen themselves.

Endurance: it strengthens the heart muscles and makes the lungs function properly. As the pair of them work efficiently, it gets possible for the oxygen to reach the cells of the body faster thus increasing the way a body functions.

Flexibility: it stretches the muscles and joints of the body. For coming to a higher level of fitness, full body range is important. Not only does it prove beneficial for the body, but it also puts the mind at ease as routine tasks get done smoothly.


Important activities for kids

It is not necessary that the kids go through a set of rules for fitness purposes. Little activities can be planned out might interest them while getting the task done.

1-    Sports

Choosing the sport of their interest and playing it outside the virtual world makes a great way to involve them in physical activities. This will not only benefit the body but freshen up the mind as well.

2-    Running

Just the simple game of playing tag can do the work and make them go through a workout. Running benefits the heart, muscles, bones, and lungs thus proving to be one of the easiest yet significant part of a kids exercise.

3-    Aerobics

Gaining more popularity in the western countries, aerobics has made a mark as being a positive way to make kids stretch with fun. Dance routines and other steps make the exercise attractive and interesting for the children of young age thus inspiring them to make a career out of it in the future.


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