Starting a Clinical Research Career in Miami

First of all, while looking for opportunities in CRO industry in your country, make sure that there are many pharmaceutical companies and clinical research industries which are offering opportunities and entry level positions especially for those who have no experience and want to start their career in clinical industry.

There are opportunities in every country that can provide you required experience for the CRO industry. Study coordinator is one of the best jobs to get started in the industry that can help to build a strong foundation but it does not pay well.  Study coordinator responsible for source documents, dealing with different tasks, meeting demands of PIs and CROs. Study coordinator is the best option to become a CRA in future.

Where to look for opportunity:

Teaching hospitals are the great place where they conduct research and take care of the research patients for different PIs and they also have opportunities as below:

  1. They require study coordinator to conduct studies and research from the research patients for PIs.
  2. Research assistant is an entry level role who has to help study coordinator to enter data and conducting tests of the patients.
  3. Hospitals do have in-house CRA position for their own inside monitoring and studies.


There are opportunities in every country and in every area. At least they can provide you necessary basic experience that can help you to get into the clinical research industry.

Search in various websites as and LinkedIn where you can find available positions in clinical industry. You can find recruiter that can help you get into clinical industry.



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