Struggles of Dealing with Global Team Members

  • PTO is the reason that can make it difficult to deal with global team members. PTOs are different in every country and when working on a project or a trial and suddenly half of your team is gone for the vacation, it will really slow down the work.
  • Accents can be a difficulty to deal with global team members because it may cause improper communication. When we cannot understand what other people are saying, it can cause delays.
  • Timing gap is another issue. Time in other countries is sometimes hours ahead or before us that makes it difficult to manage with global team members. Sometimes you have to wait for the whole day or for the next morning to get the reply or response of your emails because if its night there, they will answer in the morning.
  • When working in a global zone, the only way of communication is through emails and things get difficult to deal with global team member when you are not a good email communicator.



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