Tattoos in the workplace - Clinical Research Industry

Tattoos have become a common interest of the people especially for the young generation within the recent fifteen years. These tattoos are viewed differently with different perspectives that mostly depend upon the culture of the area of residence and also upon the culture of the workplace if someone is a working individual.

Tattoos in workplace:

People having tattoos in the workplace have a different reputation depending upon the company’s culture. In the recent era, millennials are moving up the food chain of the companies and reach up to the managerial positions and they have no issues with tattoos. This is helping in promoting tattoos and such stuff in the workplace and give more liberty and flexibility to do their jobs as it please them without much restrictions.

Causal and business casual:

Some of the companies are casual with their dressings and some are business casual. In companies with casual culture can wear simple T-shirts and polo’s and it’s normal to reveal the tattoos but in the business casual companies as clinical research industry, it’s necessary to wear suits and to be a presentable person for most of the time covering tattoos under full-sleeve shirts. They should make tattoos at the places where they can be covered.


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