Texting Patients and Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

In this modern era, everything is moving forward to revolution as the mobile phone is improved to its peak of the time. Mobile phones are most useful for texting as it provides best ways to connect with the world. Using this mobile phone as a primary form of communication and people like to communicate through text messages, it has become a part of pharmaceutical industry where the researchers use it in their daily job to connect with their patients.

Texting help patient recruitment:

Study sites are using text messaging as a way to connect to their patients because patients also find it more comfortable to get reminder instead of directly calling them when they can be busy in their own personal issues. This texting method is also helpful to overcome the deficiencies of patient recruitment.


Text messages also provides an extra space to the receiver to think about and then respond to it in a better way that is helpful to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. 


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