The Daily Grind of Being A CRA


Being a CRA is awesome where you get a lot of benefits and privileges along with high salaries and this is an excellent job especially for those who love to travel. While on a study abroad, your meals and all of the travel expenses are paid by the CRO. There are many grinds of being a CRA as discussed below:

  • The real grind is the travel where you have deliverables and the main deliverables are reports to get in on time that includes your expenditures on visit which are to be approved. Trip report is based on everything that occurs on site that is most important to be submitted which can take hours depending upon the details for the visit.
  • Being on road while travelling, CRA has to work on a single small laptop screen that can be frustrating.
  • Flight and work schedules can be on weekends where you get tired and getting sick of some unhealthy food and due to improper bed rest and you have to manage everything during travel.
  • You are not able to stay longer at the same place and you have to travel to different places and changing places every time.



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