The Downside of Taking Long PTO in Clinical Research

PTO stands for paid time off in which the companies allocate their employees with certain number of days off in which, they can visit anywhere they want and all the expense is paid from the company. In order to take these PTOs, employees should have a person as backup who can cover their responsibilities when they are having vacations.

There are many downsides for taking long PTOs as given below:

1.     The person as a backup have to work a lot for you and it can increase his burden.

2.     This can slow down the project and study because there are certain tasks that you have to perform in collaboration with your study team.

3.     This also increases the work load on your colleagues and study team.

4.     When getting back to work after long PTO, you have a lot of pending work to do for the past days when you were having vacations.

Mitigate effects:

The effects of taking long PTOs can be mitigate by not taking PTOs during database lock and when there is an audit when they demand documents of the study. This is the time when study team and sponsor also not let you to go for vacations.  


Schedule your PTOs according to your visits and work. Take PTO when there is no work and when sponsors are on holidays. Take PTOs around weekends that will also increase your holidays.


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