The Importance of Relationships in Clinical Research

For clinical coordinators, a strong relationships with investigators, patients and CRAs involved in a clinical trial, is important to be understood.

  1. It’s important to have strong relationship with investigators. There will be no problem to schedule any monitoring or to sign any bundle of documents and they will also assign you patients for trial on daily basis.


  1. Coordinator’s strong relationship with patient will also help for the trials. They can build their trust by approving the patients to participate in trials based on the criteria and by proper counseling. Because of this bond, patients do not leave during the course of trial and they also obey all the protocol requirements, reporting AEs and are comfortable with all the changes in medication.


  1. Relationship with CRA is most important. It can lead to more opportunities and more clinical studies. This relationship will also make your job more pleasant and comfortable. Sometimes, coordinators also become CRAs by the references of current CRA, when they are having a strong relationship.



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