The Key To Life Extension Might Be Blood


There are scores of startup biotech companies that are looking for ways to extend the human lifespan as we know it.  Another strategy for these companies is to develop drugs that can be used to increase our quality of life as we age.


 This was one research study that was done involving the blood of both older and younger mice. The effects of the younger mice blood in the older mice was positive. It provided the older mice to have more youthfulness about them. This was due to the contributing factors that were found within the younger mice blood. With age, these contributing factors in the blood will slow their progression and eventually cease providing optimal benefits altogether. By introducing the new blood to the system, the components quickly worked to help the older cells regenerate, providing that youthful ‘jump’ they appeared to have.

These discoveries are hoping to provide a new opportunity for blood product companies that seek to find ways to use human blood to its full extent. Back in early 2015, Grifols, a blood supplying company invested money into the project that was presented by Alkahest, a startup biotechnology company stationed in California. With their $37.5million, 45% stake investment, the group is able to start research into this new science.

They’re proceeding cautiously with this new research, known as the “young blood” project using a small clinical trial. This trial is hoping to provide cognitive repair in those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Hiring some of the biggest names throughout the biotechnology and medical related fields, they’re hoping to not only understand these aging diseases better, but also hope to find cures for them.


If the “young blood” project hits the ground running, many cures for various diseases can be cured with the use of high quality blood products. This can, not only extend the lives of millions, potentially billions, but it can reduce the number of symptom easing medications which may not be ideal for the pharmaceutical companies. For years Alzheimer’s has not been able to be controlled or understood and this provides a step closer to understanding and treating the disease.

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