The Most Important Concept for Career Growth in Clinical Research

There are many important concepts that are very helpful for career growth in any field and they can also be applied to clinical research field. Some of the important concepts for career growth in clinical research are given as below:

  1. Leverage:

People can achieve their goals and growth in their career with help of leverage where they can use other people resources to get to where you want to go. In business sense, companies take leverage from employee hard work to grow their business by making double money than their salaries.

This leverage can be used to grow our own career in clinical industry by offering the recruiters that you can help the CRO to better their business by recruiting more patients for the trials and you can help them to improve their sales. On the basis of your skills, you can demand more money and advancement in your career.

There are certain positions in clinical industry where leverage can be maximized in term of supply, demand and negotiation.

  1. Demand:

The most in demand position is CRA position and he can make much amount of money with having much experience. CRAs are also given a lot of perks and mostly they work remotely and all of their expenses are paid. These leverages can also help while transitioning your job to another CRO where they will pay you same or more amount of money. High demand for the CRAs is the best leverage they have and can get best career progressions.

  1. Negotiation:

If you are a CRA, you can have leverage from negotiation and you can demand your desired salary package when signing-in to another CRO. You can also move to any company that is offering more leverages and perks.

People can have most of their career progression, growth and success by using the concept of leverage and should always run for the opportunities that are offering more leverage. This will accelerate and boost your career in clinical industry.



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