The New OneKey (French)

In the present ultra-connected ever-evolving world of healthcare, industries should stay connected in order to drive strategy forward. More enhanced data solutions are required to stay a set ahead of others. For this very purpose, next generation OneKey is introduced that is the complete provider reference solutions. It is designed to accelerate commercial success.


OneKey helps to connect with real time high quality data to any application and end user to respective organization by using the following features:-

1.   APIs helps for immediate and direct access to OneKey including certified connectivity to sales force and concurs.

2.   Portals are used to view one key and manage subscription through any browser and device.

3.   Data services helps to request specific changes or a data investigation of a provider and connectors to seamlessly integrate OneKey with IQVIA solutions.


These all the utilities through OneKey help in various ways as follows:-

·        To extend the knowledge of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations.

·        To reach the right target at right time while always remaining compliant.

·        To completely understand customer access, value and potential through new enhanced profiling.

·        Provides seamless integration into IQVIA’s prescriptions, sales and claims data.

·        It provides direct access to continuously enriched intelligence via healthcare industry’s most complete provider reference database.

OneKey is revolutionized for the success of its utilizers.


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