The Oncology Data Network - A Patient's Perspective

It’s very delightful for getting invitations to become patient’s representatives for oncology data network. They make sure of several things as given below:-

1.   Patients’ voice, concerns and priorities are heard.

2.   The transparency about their concerns with the data and data collection.

3.   They make sure to meet patients concerns concerning security and confidentiality with consents.

Building trust:-

Trust is very necessary when it’s about data and it comes with being transparent in the areas of data security. Patients feel comfortable by knowing that their data is kept secure, consent is respected and is not shared with anyone and is used confidentially.

Ø This will benefit the flow of data network throughout different countries as UK and Europe.

Speeding –up:-

The real-time data from the oncology network is necessary for the clinicians to understand the healthcare situation in their respective areas. These data networks and statistics can speed-up the entire development of new drugs and therapies.


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