The Phases of a Clinical Trial

    • 1.     Phase one trial:

      All the risks and safety assessments are made initially in Phase one, with a small number of healthy patients. For this purpose, different dosages are tested to find the ideal level and this trial includes several hundreds of people and the main focus of this trial is to check the effectiveness of the treatment while providing additional safety data.

      2.     Phase two trial:

      Placebo is an inactive drug or sugar pill that is introduced as a cooperator, in phase two trial. Phase two trial can last from several months to two years.

      3.     Phase three trial:

      This trial also involves several hundred to thousands of patients. The treatments in phase three are irregular and they are fainted. Effectiveness and safety of the treatment continues to be figured out during phase three. Phase trials can last from one to four years. For the approval of the treatment, data is taken from phase three.

      4.     Phase four trial:

      Phase four trials are managed after the approval of treatment from FDA and they collect long term safety data.

      These trials require huge amount of money, years and thousands of patients..


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