The Time My Line Manager Made Me Furious - Clinical Trials

The career and promotions of the employees within an industry depend upon their managers who are responsible of promoting their employees for the next higher positions depending upon employee’s skills and achievements and issuing them the promotion letter. But sometimes, these managers can be a huge obstacle between the successes of an employee and do not let their employees to get any promotions whether he is well qualified for the higher position, regardless of all the skills and capabilities.

Positions always come up in industries that require immediate apply to get the interview call and employees are always interested in applying for the better opportunities but it’s their managers who make many delays for him to apply for the position by not signing his transition form and making excuses for not signing his promotion letter.

These are the acts of the managers which can make their employees furious and they can make hard decisions as leaving the company by giving resignations and to apply in other companies.


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