Tips for the informed consent process

First interaction of the coordinator and patient occurs during the informed approving process, where patient decides to participate in a trial or not. Here we have some tips for this process.


  • Involve PI in informed consent process because majority of the patients in this consent process, are most likely to be already in practices of PI.
  • There is already a bond between those patients and PI and these patients will receive all the information more openly from PI.
  • This will help the patients to decide to participate in trial.
  • In order to standardize consent process, a checklist used to make sure that all the elements of consent process as time and information required by the patient to decide for participating in the trial, are documented.
  • Checklist will help to keep the conversation more logical and organized.
  • Involving PI, using checklist and going beyond the consent form will help to enroll more patients in future and to maintain them for the future.


This informed consent process is the first impression for future research subject.



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