Too Much Busy Work in Your Clinical Research Job

When there is a lot of work at job that is not earning you money and is not making money for the company, you should think of the ways to improve it in a positive manner and can eliminate the unnecessary and repetitive work.

For full time employees:

Talk to your manager and team members and give them suggestions when you want to adds some things of worth in your job in order to make improvements in the procedures and operations. This will also cast a positive image on your manager and team that you are an active participant. This will also open up many learning opportunities for you and your study team.

Raise every issue and situation that you find uncomfortable and unnecessary in order to make improvements and to eliminate those things. This will show your passion, efficiencies and hard work to move forward and will be beneficial in a long run.

For internees:

Companies do offer internship programs because they want people to know about their company, its benefits and they train people to become their future employees. Companies hire internees especially when they have a hard time and they assign these internees as assistance for their CRAs and project managers but this also help internees to develop a network, to get the CRO industry and research related experience without making money.

They also have a lot or work burden and they can also make further changes and improvements in it by letting their managers know. This passion is also valuable in CRO industry that can help them to get hired on a full time job after completing their internship.


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