Transferring Departments and Everything That Goes With It

While changing departments within the same company, there happen to be a lot of things changing with it as moving location, moving away from friends. These situations are discussed as below:

Away from friends:

People develop a strong bond and relation with their colleagues and people working in their surroundings while working within a same department of a company and it is hard to leave them when you have to change your department but you have to do it for career progressions.

People hitting from old department:

After getting promotions, you can help your former friends and colleagues for their promotions and to let them know about any upcoming opportunity. This will develop a stronger bond and network and they will help you further in future.

Feels like starting over:

After changing the departments, it feels like a new candidate for this position in the company whether you already knew to check the emails. There will be new people around you, with whom you never worked before and you have to interact with them and make a comfortable relation with them. It will be harder to start and learn in the new department when the people are not welcoming.


Your reputation in the former department and with the former friends is not helpful in the new department because they do not know you and are not aware of your skills and capabilities. That past reputation is not going to be helpful in proceeding in the new department.

New issues:

It can be an issue in the new department when their managers are working in the same office and overlooking their performances especially for those who have been working remotely with their managers. But it is good to have someone on your shoulders that enforce you to perform well and within the required time.


Changing department is also beneficial because it gives you a lot of experiences for different department of the CRO that creates a lot more opportunities for that person in future career progressions. He can use all those experiences as a leverage to ask for his desired benefits and pay.



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