Trump and the FDA: What Could This Mean for Research


Trump has taken over the Presidential office and has made changes throughout the entire country that are leaving gaping holes and a lot of questions. Currently, he is overseeing the FDA, which might mean new changes to the way research is being done.

The FDA and Politics

In the past, Obama has set out new guidelines and regulations that would set the footwork for the future of the FDA. Many state that these guidelines were just to wrap up loose ends before the change of political hands, while also cutting corners to make things go faster.

Since Trump has taken office, the FDA now has new guidelines. While Trump has called for many federal regulations to be lowered and funding to be cut; it remains unclear what the future of the FDA holds. Regardless of the actions that are taken on Trump’s part, it is vital that the FDA finds ways to continue to regulate while the industry continues to conduct research and fund new projects and develop new treatments.

The push that Trump is trying to pass through is going to leave millions of people at risk. By accelerating and changing the pathway to medications, this can reduce the funding and process needed to test the treatments out effectively.

Currently vetting the administration portion of the FDA on policies, practices and changing guidelines, he continues to speak with various officials regarding the head position with the administration. Among those being interviewed for the position is Jim O’Neill. He worked as an official with the Health and Human Services Department in the past, while also being an associate of Trump. He took to the argument that companies shouldn’t have to show or prove that the drugs they sell work through clinical trials beforehand. This could leave millions without information regarding how the drug works, reacts or causes long or short term damage if taken.

Others running for the position are also calling for an expedited way to approve treatments through the FDA.


Over time, the FDA has become the safety net for so many that rely on these drugs. When something causes an adverse reaction, the FDA then goes to examine the drug more closely to find whether or not it is indeed safe for the population. However, Trump’s commissioner choice is going to change the way that research and acceptance of new treatment plans are dealt with in the market.

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