UNCW BS in Clinical Research Review

Clinical industry is growing and has many trials and studies to work on. This is increasing demand for clinical research professionals and many institutes are offering clinical research programs especially for undergraduates to get more talent or the clinical industry.

There are institutes like university of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) that are offering clinical research programs in different fields are given below:

School of Nursing:

•       School of Nursing at UNCW is offering bachelors in clinical research and their motivation is to educate, train and give experience to the student related to the clinical research field. Their main ambition is to train students and providing them with better understanding of sciences in order to develop new therapies and treatments to improve the quality of life.

•        They have made it compulsory for to students to participate in their senior years in an internship at any CRO with a study coordinator to gain study related experience. That provides the best opportunity for the students to get their foot in industry when they are graduates.

•        In their graduation program, there are different subjects mostly are in sciences, psychological and behavioral programs to prepare students mentally to tackle every situation and all these are applicable in clinical industry.

•        They are also providing communication and writing programs that are helpful and useful in almost every field. Writing helps you in writing good and efficient emails that are highly required in clinical industry and communication help for better and proper understanding of everything.

•        People should do different courses rather than doing a degree program because these courses can help you to switch your job in future.

Participating is such programs in these institutes are very helpful to get your foot in the clinical industry.


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