Understanding Health and Fitness


Although these two words can be used as synonyms for each other when they are used in a given context their correct meaning matters. Noticeable difference in their definitions makes it possible for individuals to use them for their own benefits. If you have to breakdown the difference in a sentence you can say “health refers to the state of the systems working inside the human body while fitness is the ability of the body to perform athletic tasks.” Here, a piece of in-depth knowledge about both the terms is penned down to remove further ambiguities in the minds of the readers.


A person fits the definition of healthy when their bodily systems are working in an optimal way. If the bones are strong and the veins are sturdy, when the muscles are powerful, the heart is healthy and body cells are growing normally, that is when a person can be called a healthy one. As much as the physical contents matter, the contribution of mental state is not to be ignored as well. Having mental stability and emotional range that goes along with your particular age is what makes your mind healthy. Anger and mood swings are the extremes of mental health deterioration, to make sure that the condition does not reach that far a person as to look for subtle disorders like the daily routine. Health can be maintained by following the correct diet that is enriched with the right amount of the right nutritional elements. Elimination of extra fat along with making sure that new one does not pile up on your muscles or in your blood vessels ensures good health. Constant stomach burn, inflammation, high blood pressure, and low immunity can be the signals of your body asking you to take special care of it by consulting a specialist.


Good health can be enough to help you make it far as your daily routine goes. To kick it up a notch, you have to train your body to bear the extra burden. Following a routine of correct exercises coupled up with proper mentoring and determination, a level of fitness can be achieved. This is important to be able to perform well athletically, prevent diseases from attacking and excel in sports. Physical fitness includes an increase in stamina, flexibility in the movement across the joints, balance in body composition, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, and endurance of bones and muscles. If you are fit in all of the mentioned components then the possibility to ease down the number of medical complaints increases. Some exercises that can be a right step towards fitness include aerobics, arm pull, leg days, rib twists, jogging, swimming, weight lifting and stretching. The range of these exercises is diverse in extremes and therefore it requires the expertise of a physical trainer to let you know which one is better for you than the other. Selection of wrong fitness workouts can result in negative results on the fitness of the body rather than the intended ones.

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