Wh?t i? th? FDA?

Th? FDA, ?r F??d and Drug Admini?tr?ti?n, is th? governmental agency responsible f?r t??ting and certifying th? safety ?f a wid? range ?f products. F??d it?m?, ?h?rm???uti??l?, m?di??l d?vi???, v?t?rin?r? ?r?du?t?, ?nd ???m?ti?? ?r? just a ??m?l? ?f th? things whi?h th? FDA r?gul?t??. Pharmaceutical ?r?du?t?, for ?x?m?l?, have t? g? thr?ugh a l?ngth? ???r?v?l process in which th? FDA w?igh? a drug'? ??t?nti?l b?n?fit? against it? possible ri?k? ?nd decides wh?th?r or not to allow the drug on th? ?ubli? m?rk?t. Thu?, th? FDA'? j?b i? t? k??? d?ng?r?u? ?nd defective f??d?, m?di?in??, ?nd ???m?ti?? out ?f the hands ?f ??n?um?r?.

Und?r?t?nding US Food ?nd Drug Administration R???ll?

The F??d ?nd Drug Admini?tr?ti?n is fully ?m??w?r?d b? the US government t? r?vi?w the application of a ?h?rm???uti??l ??m??n? t? m?nuf??tur? ?nd r?l???? to th? market any n?w drug it develops. The FDA also can issue a r???ll f?r ?n? drug? th?t it d??m? d?ng?r?u? f?r ??n?um?r?. It ?l?? i??u?? valuable ??f?t? inf?rm?ti?n so th?t th? g?n?r?l ?ubli? would know ?b?ut whi?h drug i? un??f? t? use.

S?m?tim?s however, th? im??rt?nt safety inf?rm?ti?n whi?h i? b?ing issued regularly by th? F??d and Drug Administration can be a littl? bit ??nfu?ing. It is often full of technical j?rg?n th?t leads th? ??n?um?r to get lost in the m??ning of the w?rd?.

T? ?ut it more ?l??rl?, th? FDA can ?rd?r a ?h?rm???uti??l company t? r???ll wh?t it deems as a d?ng?r?u? drug th?t i? being distributed in the market. Th? ?h?rm???uti??l ??m??n? can also d? it voluntarily if it find? ?ut th?t th? drugs in question ?r? ??u?ing major ?id? effects.

A? ???n ?? the r???ll i? m?d? b? the FDA, th? pharmaceutical ??m??ni?? must t?k? full r????n?ibilit? with r?g?rd? to the ?ull-?ut of these d?ng?r?u? drugs ?nd it ?l?? th?r?ughl? ?h??k? th?t all th? drug? in question ?r? taken ?ff the ?h?lv??. Th? ?h?rm???uti??l ??m??ni?? should also inf?rm th? FDA on th? ?r?gr??? of the r???ll? until ?ll th? d?ng?r?u? drug? are ?ull?d ?ut from th? market.

During th? drug r???ll, th? FDA ???um?? the r?l? ?f a m?nit?ring agency t? ?n?ur? th?t the ?h?rm???uti??l company i? f?ll?wing ?ll th? n??????r? ?r???dur?? in ?ulling ?ut all the drug? which h?v? b??n found t? ??u?? ??ri?u? ?id? ?ff??t?. After ?ll the drug? h?v? b??n pulled ?ut, the FDA would then ??ndu?t ?n inv??tig?ti?n on why th? drug in qu??ti?n w?? defective and to supervise th? destruction ?f all the r???ll?d drug? ?r to m?k? ?ur? th?t th? drugs ?r? ?uit?bl? r???nditi?n?d before they are r?intr?du??d t? th? m?rk?t.

Th?r? ?r? three recall ??t?g?ri?? ?nd th??? are Cl??? I, Cl??? II and Class III. In a Cl??? I recall, th? FDA find? th?t the drug? in qu??ti?n are causing ??ri?u? side effects ?nd a probable ??ri?u? or f?t?l injury t? the user ?xi?t? ?nd th? drug has t? be ?ull?d ?ut right ?w?? from th? market. Th? Cl??? II r???ll tells ?f a probability ?f injur? to the u??r, and ?lth?ugh not necessarily f?t?l, ?till one th?t can cause ??rm?n?nt d?m?g? t? th? user. Th? Cl??? III injury meanwhile t?ll? ?f l????r, ?lb?it, ?r?b?bl? h??lth risks, whi?h ?r? the reason of why th? drug i? being recalled.

Criti?i?m? ?f the FDA

Th? FDA'? ?w???ing ?uth?rit? ?nd regulatory ??w?r? often m?k? it th? t?rg?t ?f criticism ?nd ?r?t??t fr?m big business ?nd ??n?um?r advocacy groups alike. Thi? controversy, ??urr?d on fr?m both ?id?? b? ???n?mi?t?, lobbyists, l?gi?l?t?r?, ?dv???t??, int?r??t gr?u??, and ?rdin?r? ?itiz?n?, ?h?w? little sign ?f resolution ?v?n t?d??.

On one ?id? ?f th? ?rgum?nt are those wh? b?li?v? th?t th? FDA i? ?n unn??????r? hindr?n??. From thi? ??int of vi?w, th? FDA i? th? ??n?umm?t? r?d-t??? bureaucracy - slow, mindless, ?nd unresponsive. It? l?b?ri?u? ???r?v?l ?r????? i? blamed f?r delaying th? release ?f potentially life-saving drug? and driving up ??n?um?r ?ri??? du? t? a r??tri?t?d supply. In response t? ?u?h criticism, l?gi?l?ti?n w?? passed whi?h authorized th? FDA t? r?l???? drugs for terminal ??ti?nt? at an ??rli?r ?t?g? ?f the ???r?v?l ?r?????.

On th? ?th?r h?nd, m?n? ????l? and organizations feel that the FDA i? f?iling t? carry out it? regulatory dut?. In th?ir eyes, the FDA'? r?gul?ti?n? ?nd policies aren't ?tring?nt enough to protect th? public from d?ng?r?u? drug? ?nd ?r?du?t?. Adv???t?? from thi? ??m? claim that the FDA i? t?? h??vil? influ?n??d by th? ??liti??l and fin?n?i?l ?l?ut ?f l?rg? corporations. Furth?rm?r?, th?? ?r? critical ?f g?v?rnm?nt budgets whi?h fail to provide ?d??u?t? fund? f?r FDA t??ting ?nd r?gul?t?r? ?r?gr?m?.

All in all, it i? easy t? ??? wh? FDA ?ffi?i?l? m?? find it diffi?ult to find a happy m?dium b?tw??n th??? tw? ?????ing ??m??. Unf?rtun?t?l?, when th? FDA ??t? - ?r fails to act - b? ?n? vi?w or th? ?th?r, th? ??n?um?r? ?r? th? ones to ?uff?r. If r?gul?ti?n? are t?? strict, im??rt?nt products m?? n?t reach th? m?rk?t in tim?; if they ?r? t?? l?x, dangerous ?ub?t?n??? m?? find th?ir w?? into th? h?nd? ?f ?ur ?hildr?n.

Trump’s Vi?w on the FDA

Th? FDA might b? “FD-abolished” b? th? new Pr??id?nt D?n?ld Trum?. Th? Pr??id?nt ?n his fact ?h??t d?t?iling hi? ???n?mi? ?l?n illustrated this on on? ??rti?n ?f th? document r?v??l?d Trum? w?uld ?limin?t? f??d ??f?t? regulations if elected.

Trump i? ????r?ntl? no f?n ?f th? F??d ?nd Drug Admini?tr?ti?n, calling th?m th? "FDA ??li??" in th? f??t sheet. "The FDA F??d Police, whi?h di?t?t?? h?w the f?d?r?l government ?x???t? f?rm?r? t? ?r?du?? fruit? ?nd vegetables and ?v?n dictates the nutriti?n?l content ?f dog f??d." Pfft ... who d?r? t?ll Trump wh?t th? nutriti?n of his dog f??d ?h?uld be?! N?t th? FDA, according to him.

The ?r??id?nt thinks the FDA meddles t?? mu?h in farmer affairs. "Th? [FDA] rul?? govern th? ??il farmer’s u??, f?rm ?nd f??d ?r?du?ti?n h?gi?n?, f??d packaging, f??d t?m??r?tur?? and ?v?n wh?t animals may r??m which fields ?nd wh?n. It ?l?? mentioned th? f??t th?t FDA ?l?? gr??tl? in?r????d in????ti?n? ?f f??d 'f??iliti??,' and levies new t?x?? t? ??? for thi? inspection ?v?rkill.

But th? simple truth is th?t whil? decreasing th? activity ?f th? FDA m?? ??v? th? g?v?rnm?nt ??m? money, it will probably cost ??m??ni?? milli?n? ?f d?ll?r? t? ?l??n u? r???ll? that could have b??n prevented by FDA inspections.  Stay tuned for future articles on what Trump may have planned for the drug portion of the FDA. 


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