Unlocking the Potential of Real World Evidence for Oncology with Simulated Data

IQVIA is collaborating with various other healthcare organizations in order to develop a synthetic version of national cancer registry data that will help the researchers to utilize it without confidentiality concerns that were in place for the actual data. IQVIA helps in the development of database and also making it capable to use in operations.

IQVIA provides a comprehensive robust source of data that is collected from national cancer registration analysis service and this data is critically important to reach out to the people who are suffering from cancer. There are a lot of drugs that are currently been evaluated through cancer drug fund and there is an organization named as NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) who requires accurate and efficient evidences to support these drugs and for this purpose availability of the data sources was important.

Human data sciences are looking for innovative ways to leverage what data source is available and recognize that it is not always at disposal to what they need in order to provide the solutions required by the clients.

IQVIA is always looking forward to discover and invent new innovative ways to collect data and to generate data for the healthcare industry and to help the clients.



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