US Workers Don't Want a Boss

Number of self-employed people is increasing every year and they are not interested in corporate sector and are in favor of working in a boss free environment, as a freelancer. This is beneficial for these self-employed people in many ways.

·        Working as a freelancer gives more control over the career.

·        There are people on YouTube and other social media networks who have become brands and develop their own businesses through freelancing and are giving instructions to how to develop your career as a freelancer.

·        You can build your set up for free on social media and develop a network.

·        People can work anytime, anywhere and whenever they find suitable.

·        You don’t have any restrictions and strict schedules.

·        People can work together in more creative ways and can develop their own businesses.

·        Most important thing about being self-employed is that you are fully independent to do whatever you want to do.

·        In jobs, there are weekends, holidays and vacations when you have nothing to do except wasting your time but you can invest your every single second, every day in your own work.

·        People are earning more profit than their salaries by working from their home in more comfortable environment.

·        The best part is that you can travel while doing your work and can earn your expenses through online working.

In clinical research, best autonomist position is CRA who can also work as a freelance contractor.


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