Use PTO and Get Promoted Faster - Clinical Research Industry

People who use more PTOs get more promotions as compared to the people who prefer their work over PTOs and spend most of their time in working for their company.  According to the survey, it has been proved that the ratio of people taking PTOs and still getting promotions is eighty three percent that is higher than the seventy six percent of people who do not take PTOs.

This difference is because of the reasons as follows:

1.     Stressed out:

People who spend most of their time in working for their company and do not take any holiday or PTO get stressed out due to which they become lazy at their work and cannot perform their duties efficiently and accurately.

2.     Work efficiently:

People work faster and efficiently in order to secure promotions and days for PTOs as they can spend more time and days taking PTOs.

People who take more PTO loses all of their stress and frustrations by spending some time away for their tough work routine and they come back to their work with more motivation and fresh mind.

Prove your worth:

People should let the company know of their worth within their company by taking days off and going for PTOs. This will slow down team’s projects when they cannot fulfill the duties of an absent person that are required for the progress of the project that makes their managers to call them to come back at work and also provide them with more benefits and promotions in order to increase their longevity at their company.


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