Vendor Project Manager in Canada to Get In Clinical Research

As the clinical research industry is getting more and more introduction and awareness among the working individuals as a beneficent workplace. People want to start their career in CRO space especially the young generation in order get huge benefits, high salaries and progressive career.

Difficult to jump:-

Clinical research industry is very flexible and remote industry that attracts the people from other workplaces. Employees at other organization have experience of CRO culture and research due to they face many difficulties for making a jump to CRO industry.

Ø When making jump to CRO space there are two things to be kept in mind as:-

1.   Location.

2.   Experience.

People find complications in making a jump from other organizations such as vendor organization to CRO organization. Employees at vendor organization have zero experience of research and it’s their location of residence that makes it difficult to find opportunity in CRO space.


Clinical research industry is an experience based industry and sponsors are the actual owners who pay for the studies. It’s their demand for the employee to have clinical research experience to work on their study. They don’t care whether if a person is a project manager of executive in any other industry.

Project manager transition:-

A project manager in a vendor organization cannot make transition to project manager position of CRO space. He has no experience for clinical research and responsibilities of project manager in CRO space. Project manager is the very vital person for the running of a project study. He knows everything about managing the project and all necessities. A person performing project manager responsibilities cannot perform as project manager in clinical research industry.

Few possibilities:-

There are few possibilities for a vendor project manager to become clinical research project manager as he has few management skills. He should apply for project manager level 1 position where it can be possible to get the position and learn all the required skills and capabilities for project manager.

If a person is already working in a CRO as vendor manager, he can apply internally for the initial category of project manager. He can make jumps to higher roles and position after few years of experience within the industry.

People who can work remotely for their full time job can also find opportunities in CRO space but it’s again the experience that is needed. But working already in a CRO is a huge advantage for getting opportunity. Companies prefer their own employees and also provide them with other facilities as helping them in relocation.


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