Vietnamese Pharmacist to Enter Clinical Research


Pharmacists do have opportunities in clinical research industry because pharmaceutical companies and sponsors hire pharmacists for their studies. Pharmaceutical companies always have available positions and people having degree in pharmacy can get high career progressions in clinical and pharmaceutical industry.


CRO industry is all about experience and they always prefer people with experience for the job and they do not care about the degrees and certifications. So, the best way to getting into the clinical industry is to have experience that can be possible through volunteering any research work and by doing any internship program at any company or institute that can be very beneficial for getting an entry level positions in clinical industry that will give you experience of the research works and management side of things. Having work experience at any CRO is very helpful for future career progressions and recruiters start calling you for the available position and you can take leverage.


First thing that people should do after getting experience is to update the resume by mentioning new experience they have and highlighting keywords to make their resume strong and commendable. Strong resume makes recruitment mmore easier and guaranteed.


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