What Happens On The First Day of Being CRA?

Clinical research studies are sponsored studies and sponsors are the actual payers. They want experienced individuals and experienced CRAs to work on their studies as they are investing a huge amount of money.


It takes years of experience in the CRO industry to become a CRA and it’s the dreams position of most the people. This position has a lot of benefits and flexibilities. People want to become CRA to get advantage of all the perks, for making trips and huge amount of money.

Starting expectations:-

After starting from the entry level position in the CRO space and investing years in various other positions with many roles, people become CRAs. It’s the time when they can fulfill the desires but there are other things they can expect also.

1.   Orientation:-

First thing they are going to do is the orientation, company set them up with the computer and introduce them to HR people. They will get all the information about their finances, payrolls and benefits for this position. This includes the overall introduction of the company’s cultures and the way it works.




2.   Read SOPs:-

SOPs are the standard operating procedures that everyone has to read when going into a new position whether it’s within the company or into another. It includes the company’s policies and procedures for operating studies and how to deal with research study works.

3.   Introduction:-

Now it’s time for the introduction with office colleagues, CRAs in the area, clinical trial leads. This introductory meeting phase can also occur remotely through WebEx, Skype or other virtual means.

Travel policies:-

Employees should review the travel policies for travelling to other cities and from outside the country. Companies have their travelling policies as they pay a limited amount of money to their employees for the travel expenses. This amount of money depends upon the area he is travelling to and what could be the possible expense. Companies pay enough amount of money to their employees especially when they are on business trip.

This also includes the usage of credit card. This can be a corporate card from the company but the employees can also use their personal cards for the expenses.


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