What Happens When A CRA Is Responsive To a Site

CRA are assigned with a site under study and the site reach out to them and make emails and calls to ask questions regarding to the study. Study coordinators are appreciated to ask queries because they have to follow protocols in order to avoid any kind of deviation in study. CRAs are always responsive to queries from their sites.

Being responsive can frustrate:

Being always responsive can also frustrate CRA because sites always keep calling and emailing them for any minor query because they know that CRA will answer their query and they don’t need to make struggle to review protocols and emails. CRAs take a bit longer to answer their queries because they want their sites to not to rely on them and should be able to confirm queries from protocols. CRAs can always be busy in different studies and in travelling and they cannot be accessible all the time but they want their study coordinator and sites to be self-dependent and able to review protocols.

  • By site’s perspective, site and study coordinators should be able to review their emails to not to repeat their questions and should review protocols before making any query because protocols contains all the answer to the queries and are always updated.



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