What If Your Boss Prevented Your Promotion?

In this corporate industrial world, employees want to progress in high positions at their companies but there can be many difficulties in taking promotions and your boss can cease your promotion. There can be various reasons for boss preventing their employee’s promotions, as follows:

  1. When an employee is too good with his duties, their bosses don’t want them to move to another company or another department leaving an unsatisfactory person behind for the role.
  2. They don’t promote an employee especially when employees are unable to work according to the standards of their boss.
  3. Boss can delay promotions because of his laziness and lackadaisical attitude.

In CRO industries, people can easily move and make transitions after a year having basic experiences. This makes it easier for the employees when their boss is not approving their promotion and application for another higher position, they can apply to another company and can easily resign from that company. They can find better benefits, opportunities and money when applying to another company depending upon their experience.

Bosses are always aware of the turnovers and flexibilities of their industry and they fire their employees straight up when they find them making any side hustles for transitions.


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