What is a clinical trial?

The research which involves people who are infected by some disease, these patients are treated with new drugs, devices, and treatments by physicians in clinical trials as if these treatments are safe and effective for the patient or not.

•    These trials improve medical science and generate better treatments for disease.

•    These trials are sponsored by the officials, government agencies, pharmaceuticals or biotech companies.

•    Various trials are designed by the sponsors with the medical experts to ensure the patient’s safety.

•    To identify a suitable patient for the trial, sponsors work with physicians from all over the world.

•    Treatments are managed, and the data is collected for a certain period of time which may include important sign and symptoms and physicians research for any improvement or any increase in the disease.

•    Information is collected and sent to the sponsors for analysis.

•    For the approval of the treatment, data is sent to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

•    All clinical trials are done by the cooperation of the doctor and the patient and by investing money, years and hundreds of patients


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