What Is a Clinical Trial/Que son los estudios clinicos (English/Spanish) Alzheimer’s Talk Episode #4

Clinical trials are the studies used to explore new treatments and medications and help the scientists to discover new opportunities to cure diseases which do not have any treatment yet.


People involve in clinical trials:

People should participate in clinical trials to get to know about their own condition as they are completely over looked by the team of scientists and specialists and it helps to find cure.

By participating in the studies, people are also contributing their role for the welfare of the community and for the future population by helping to find cure of devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

•    People who participate in clinical trials are also paid because they are investing their time for the studies.

•    People can participate in clinical trials through various ways and websites like NIH where a lot of studies are available where Alzheimer’s can easily be found.

•    People from every ethnicity should participate in clinical trials because this disease is more efficient in people from certain areas and race.


Misconceptions of clinical trials:

Participating in clinical trials and being tested with different treatments, techniques and medication can have side-effects on a normal human body but these medications are safe enough to be used for the trials.


Terms to participate:

•    While participating in clinical trials, you are informed about the conditions and you are motivated to participate in the trials.

•    Your medical history is checked and it is checked if you are capable of being a part of trial.

•    You are provided with informed consent that contains all the knowledge regarding to the study.

•    You can quite trials by just informing the clinical team and they will schedule the final examination for your own safety.


Under consideration:

•    Patient is always surrounded by the team of trial specialists and they keep checking the progress of the study.

•    Trial specialists also check the performance of the medication and the condition of the patients by performing several blood tests of the patient.




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